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Generative AI Is Prolific. Your Security Solution Should Be Too.

Generative AI Is Prolific.

Your Security Solution Should Be Too.

Harnessing the power of generative AI requires a new approach to data privacy, security, and sovereignty. One that puts you in control over every interaction.

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Liminal Spaces

Secure every interaction with any generative AI model, including GPT-4, Azure OpenAI, Claude 2, Google Gemini, and more

Apps you use

Liminal Streams

Protect every engagement in any generative AI-enabled app, including Microsoft's Office 365 Copilots, Slack AI, and Notion

Apps you build

Liminal Elements

Safeguard every generative AI interaction within any app you build



Granular Security Controls

Fine-tune rule and policy settings related to user access, model permissions, and data governance across any application utilizing generative AI.


Full Observability

See a complete picture on how generative AI is being leveraged by your organization.


Auditable Logs

Analyze past activity and make informed decisions on usage, compliance, and policy guidelines.


Custom Alerting

Gain real-time insights into potential security risks with customizable alerts.



Streaming Data Detection

Detect non-compliant data types (PII, PHI, PCI) and any other sensitive data — including intellectual property or trade secrets unique to your organization in real-time.


Specific Data Treatment Enforcement

Enforce specific treatment on detected data types according to the granular policies you set (mask, redact, warn, or pass through) all prior to its submission to any model.


Intelligent Masking

Preserve context and intent while ensuring compliance with your security policies.


Prompt Rehydration

Re-seed treated terms in outputs from any generative AI model, preserving intended UX and maximizing the value returned to the user.

Embrace Generative AI Without Compromising on Security

Prevent PCI/PHI/PII Exposure

Liminal protects against the inadvertent sharing of compliance-defined terms with Large Language Models (LLMs), which can violate data protection regulations like HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, and others.

Avert Sensitive Data + IP Leaks

Liminal allows you to define and safeguard unique intellectual property and sensitive corporate data types across all interactions with generative AI.

Block Inappropriate Exchanges

Liminal defends against the ingestion or output of offensive, discriminatory, or derogatory content.

Horizontal Security That’s Simple, Secure, and Trusted


Model Agnostic, Simple Deployment

Liminal works across all generative AI models. Get up and running with Liminal in under an hour.


Granular Policy Controls, Enhanced Security

Create and enforce rules with fine-grained policy controls across every team, any model, and all your applications. Mask, redact, and warn with extraordinary accuracy to secure prompts.


Full Transparency, Trusted Outcomes

View real-time insights into how your company and users are leveraging generative AI, and ensure compliance with an auditable log of all interactions.

Getting Started Is Easy

Start protecting your sensitive data in under an hour.

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HIPAA Compliant

SOC 2 Type 1

SOC 2 Type 2

ISO 27001 (in progress)

SOC 2 Type 1

HITRUST (in progress)

SOC 2 Type 2

NIST (in progress)