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Time To Student Enrichment

With Liminal, school systems and higher education institutions can securely leverage generative AI to accelerate the analysis of student performance, streamline the creation of tailored lesson plans, and deliver learner-specific guidance and support - all while protecting PII, PHI and other sensitive data.

Reduce Administrative Burdens + Make More Informed Decisions

When you can securely use generative AI, you free up time for administrators, educators, and staff to focus more on improving student lives.

5 hours

Average time per week an educator can save with Liminal-secured generative AI

$24.7 million

Average annual efficiency gains from Liminal-secured generative AI in a 10,000-employee educational system


ROI from Liminal on a single use case

To learn more about how Liminal serves you, check out our Education Business Use Cases Guide.

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Focus Efforts Towards Fostering Learning

Liminal’s secure platform enables educational systems to securely deploy and use generative AI.

Quickly Create Personalized Learning Plans

Utilizing learner-specific education plans is extremely valuable for addressing individual needs, increasing engagement, and driving greater academic success. However, the process of creating these plans can be arduous, requiring significant time and effort to tailor instruction to each student's unique requirements.

With Liminal’s secure platform, educators can leverage generative AI to drastically reduce the time commitment associated with assessing performance and crafting personalized learning plans.

Reduce Time Spent on Performance Analysis

Analyzing the performance of student groups is essential, as it enables educators and administrators to pinpoint learning gaps, inform curriculum choices, and identify students who may need extra support. While extremely valuable, synthesizing and interpreting performance data can be challenging and time-consuming. 

Leveraging Liminal, administrators can safely use generative AI to efficiently analyze data, identify patterns, and develop action plans based on student performance.

Expedite the Creation of Parent and Guardian Communications

Personalized communication with parents and guardians is important as it fosters a collaborative approach to education, ensuring families are informed and involved in their student's learning journey. However, crafting these individualized messages can be time-consuming, requiring careful consideration of each student's unique circumstances and progress.

With Liminal, teachers and administrators can securely utilize generative AI tools to efficiently generate student-specific, context-specific, and situation-specific communications.

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Start protecting your sensitive data in under an hour.

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