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Enable Deeper Client Engagement

Liminal enables you to securely leverage generative AI to drive efficiency across analyst teams, empower advisors to quickly tailor personalized outreach and investment strategies, and streamline customer service - all while helping ensure PII, PCI + other sensitive data remains protected.

Increase Productivity + Efficiency For Your Team

When you can securely use generative AI, you free up time for advisors, analysts, business development resources, and client services teams to focus more on acquiring and keeping customers.

60 minutes

Average time per day an Analyst can save with Liminal-secured generative AI

$10.4 million

Average annual efficiency gains from Liminal-secured generative AI in a 2000-employee financial services organization


ROI from Liminal on a single use case

To learn more about how Liminal serves you, check out our Financial Services Business Use Cases Guide.

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Maximize Capacity + Deploy Resources More Effectively

Liminal’s secure platform enables financial services firms to securely adopt and use generative AI. 

Accelerate research and report generation

Understanding market trends, microeconomic influences, and regulatory factors are all crucial for developing strategic plans, managing risk, and providing informed investment guidance. The processes involved in finding pertinent data and synthesizing it into consumable outputs requires a significant time commitment.

With Liminal’s secure platform, analysts can leverage generative AI to drastically reduce the time required to source and compile relevant data into actionable insights.

Expedite Personalized Outreach

Acquiring new customers is foundational for financial services firms as it directly contributes to revenue growth, market expansion, and overall business stability. Crafting personalized, relevant communications for potential clients is key to attracting new business, but customizing impactful messaging can be a labor-intensive process

Leveraging Liminal, business development resources (BDRs) can safely use generative AI to create more effective, contextually rich, and personalized outreach communications with greater efficiency.

Deliver Faster Customer-Centric Service

The ability to provide timely and personalized service is central to driving client retention. Addressing inquiries quickly and accurately demonstrates an understanding of customer needs, and that they are valued. Yet, creating customized client service communications often demands considerable time and effort.

With Liminal’s secure platform, customer service representatives (CSRs) can leverage generative AI to drastically reduce the time commitment associated with crafting client-specific responses to questions and requests for service.

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Getting Started Is Easy

Start protecting your sensitive data in under an hour.

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HIPAA Compliant

SOC 2 Type 1

SOC 2 Type 2

ISO 27001 (in progress)

SOC 2 Type 1

HITRUST (in progress)

SOC 2 Type 2

NIST (in progress)