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Focus On Gaining + Keeping Customers

With Liminal, you can securely harness the power of generative AI to increase outputs for business development teams, expedite client service, and streamline analysis and reporting - while protecting PII, PCI, and other sensitive data like financial records and intellectual property from being leaked outside your organization.

Expand Capacity For Your Team

When you can securely deploy and use generative AI, you free up valuable time for client services, sales, marketing, risk management, and operations teams to focus on winning new customers and driving deeper loyalty.

75 minutes

Average time per day a Client Services Representative can save with Liminal-secured generative AI

$7.5 million

Average annual efficiency gains from Liminal-secured generative AI in 1000-employee bank or credit union


ROI from Liminal on a single use case

To learn more about how Liminal serves you, check out our Banking + Credit Unions Business Use Cases Guide.

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Drive Efficiency + Productivity Across Your Organization

Liminal’s secure platform enables banks and credit unions to securely deploy and use generative AI.

Expedite the Creation of Personalized Customer Support Communications

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is essential for fostering loyalty and retention. Providing personalized, timely responses to client inquiries is a critical function in demonstrating a commitment to understanding and meeting individual customer needs. However, crafting these personalized communications often requires significant time and resources, balancing the need for rapid responses with the demand for high-quality, customized interactions.

With Liminal’s secure platform, customer service representatives (CSRs) can leverage generative AI to drastically reduce the time commitment associated with crafting client-specific responses.

Streamline Prospect Outreach

Acquiring new customers and deepening share of wallet is vital for banks and credit unions as it drives revenue growth, enhances market share, and enables long-term profitability. The creation of personalized, relevant outreach communications to prospects is fundamental to winning new clients, but it can be labor-intensive to customize resonant messaging.

Leveraging Liminal, business development resources (BDRs) can securely utilize generative AI to more efficiently produce context-rich, personalized outreach communications.

Quickly Develop Targeted Marketing Content

Campaigns and collateral tailored to specific customer segments ensures greater relevance and impact. This personalized approach not only enhances customer engagement and satisfaction but also significantly improves the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. The development of these resources, while vital to increased customer retention and acquisition, can be demanding to research and produce.

With Liminal, Marketers can securely use generative AI to quickly create target audiences and develop segment-specific assets that drive higher engagement and greater impact.

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Getting Started Is Easy

Start protecting your sensitive data in under an hour.

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HIPAA Compliant

SOC II Type 1

SOC II Type 2 (audit in progress)

ISO 27001 (in progress)

SOC 2 Type 1

HITRUST (in progress)

SOC 2 Type 2

NIST (in progress)