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Introducing Liminal: Helping Organizations Embrace Generative AI

Harnessing the power of generative AI requires a new approach to data privacy, security, and sovereignty. Liminal exists so organizations can say yes to gen AI.

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Generative AI is redefining what's possible

Generative AI is fundamentally changing the way industries and businesses function, streamlining operations by automating labor-intensive tasks, optimizing complex processes, inspiring creativity, and driving innovative breakthroughs.This technology marks the most significant advancement in productivity we've seen in a generation.

The outsized increases in productivity afforded by generative AI has led to unprecedented proliferation, as evidenced by Open AI's GPT becoming the fastest growing application in history, by the 9000+ off-the-shelf applications now enabled with generative AI, and by the speed in which organizations are moving to integrate generative AI into the applications they’re building.

While the productivity gains associated with this groundbreaking technology are undeniable, there are very real data security and privacy challenges inherent with generative AI. These concerns represent the largest barrier to adoption of this technology, as organizations - particularly those in regulated industries - cannot have sensitive company, customer, or employee information leaking into generative AI models. This is why we’ve seen 68% of workers in regulated enterprises report being fully or partially blocked from utilizing generative AI in the workplace.

Harnessing the power of generative AI requires a new approach to data privacy, security, and sovereignty. One that puts you in control over every interaction.

Introducing Liminal - a groundbreaking horizontal security platform for all generative AI

Liminal exists so that organizations can say yes to generative AI. With Liminal’s model-agnostic, horizontal platform, companies are able to set and enforce granular security policies around how sensitive data types like PCI/PHI/PII and intellectual property are used in any interaction with generative AI - all through a single hub. 

Unlimited Applications. One Security Platform.

•Protect your most critical and sensitive data across any model, in every application you use, and in every application you build.

Fast, Accurate, Intelligent Data Protection

•Identify sensitive data in prompts, enforce your security policies against that data prior to submission, then rehydrate the detected components upon return - all in a contextually-aware manner that optimizes security and minimizes user disruption.

Total Generative AI Oversight and Administration

•Specify which users in your organization have access to which generative AI tools, the types of data that can be shared, with which models, and what data governance rules apply. 

Complete Observability

•Real-time alerting and streaming auditable logs provide up to the minute insights into AI usage and security.

With Liminal, you can confidently explore generative AI’s potential knowing your most important data is secure. Across every model, in every application you use, and in every application you’re building. 

To learn more about deploying generative AI securely within your organization, or to see a demo of the Liminal Platform, visit